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I’m a 21 year old Canadian, living in Vancouver. My passions include business, technology, finance and sales. I am a senior @ The University of British Columbia studying economics and commerce. I played varsity basketball & volleyball and still enjoy to shoot some hoops every now and again.

Hobbies and Interests
Things that intrigue me: self-sufficient living, new technology, capital markets and travelling! In fact, last summer, I took a hopscotch trip from YVR to Winnipeg, Montreal, Orlando, & NYC – great experience meeting many amazing people and places. In my spare time, I enjoy reading entrepreneurship blogs, fresh political news, and self-development books to aid in my constant progression towards a better version of myself everyday.

Career Track
Currently, upon graduation, I am seeking a role at a fast growing startup where I can utilize my diversified background to be able to strategically position myself into a role that I believe ultimately can help better shape the world. Being a self-starting individual and being able to wear many different hats is something I pride myself on.

For example, I always am taking on personal “side projects” while in school to be able to gain experience in the world of commerce. These include projects such as, starting up a publishing house where I contracted freelancer writers and helped them to reach bestseller status on amazon, creating a full-fledged course on udemy.com that was voted “New and Noteworthy” with over 800 students today and launching a cool organic hemp nut milk bag on amazon.com because I knew it solved a personal problem of mine! I like to kind of think of these experiences I took on during my university time as a “poor young man’s MBA.”

But this is only the start of my journey! I hope to eventually be in a position where I am impacting the world positively on a grand scale. I know I can only achieve this whilst playing to my strengths. If you think there are any opportunities that I would fit in with, please do not hesitate to give me a shout :)

“If you want to live unlike everybody else you must work unlike everyone else.”

MJ Demarco

If you wish to contact me, my email is (my first name)(my last name)@gmail.com :)

(Sneaky, I know)

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